Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering Health Care Therapies for your specialized therapy needs. We are happy to answer questions about our services, and would love to hear from you if you do not see your question answered below.


Who are HCT therapists?

We are a group of dedicated professionals who have completed competency-based education requirements and are licensed to practice Massage Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Music Therapy, and Recreational Therapy.


What types of clients does HCT serve?

Our clients are people of all ages and all levels of physical and cognitive ability. In other words, we offer help to anyone seeking compassionate, specialized, non-pharmacological treatment for their circumstances. We have special experience working with individuals affected by Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Elder Care Needs, Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Needs, Athletic Conditioning Needs, and other medical concerns.


How do I start receiving services?

Start by giving us a call at (512) 444-2288, drop us a line, or most easily fill out the Schedule an Evaluation form on HCT’s main page. When you request services from Health Care Therapies, our first step is to schedule an evaluation with our new client. We take into consideration all medical needs, current treatment plans, and physician orders when assessing options for therapy. From there, we develop a treatment plan with an assigned therapist, and establish a session schedule that is convenient for everyone.


What if I live in a rural area?

We want every individual to receive the therapy they need. One of our most important goals is making sure no client falls through the cracks, no matter what part of Texas they live in. HCT is dedicated to finding qualified therapists in rural areas of the state.


What kind of therapy would work best for me or my loved one?

The type(s) of treatment a client receives will depend on a consensus among the client, her family, her physicians, and the HCT Therapist. One or multiple therapies may be applied to assist with a client’s unique physical or emotional goals. Please see our Services descriptions for more information about the types of therapy we offer.


What can we expect from each therapy session?

Prior to beginning a treatment session, the HCT Therapist will work to establish respect and communication with the client by obtaining informed consent and permission. As sessions continue over time, treatment techniques may evolve as original goals are reached and new goals emerge. HCT Therapists are innovative professionals who enjoy problem-solving with clients to help them reach their developing wellness objectives.


What makes HCT Massage Therapy different from “relaxation” massage?

HCT Massage Therapists are trained to use specialized, “medical” massage techniques that target specific medical symptoms or areas of concern. We collaborate with our clients, their families, and their medical team to assess needs and contraindications (conditions that require the therapist to modify or avoid massage in certain areas) before beginning treatment. This ensures the safety and comfort of the client, and ensures that the therapy compliments the client’s other ongoing care. Long-term therapy is often encouraged to promote long-term results, such as improved digestion and range of motion, and reduced tension and aversion to touch.


What can HCT Massage Therapy do for my athletic performance?

Whether you are working toward everyday fitness goals or training for an upcoming event, HCT’s specialized massage techniques for athletes are designed to support and restore healthier movement. People who engage in physical activity may find their muscles sore and their joints strained from time to time. Massage helps to loosen up scar tissue from previous muscle damage, and increase blood flow to prevent new injuries. The improved circulation also helps your muscles work more efficiently during exercise, and recover more quickly afterward.


Where does HCT provide therapy?

We come to where you are, at times that are convenient to you. A licensed HCT Therapist will come onsite to your residence, retirement home, or medical facility to provide therapy. For Aquatic Therapy, we work with you to schedule pool time at an appropriate facility with your assigned Aquatic Therapist. Currently, HCT serves a majority of our clients in and around the Central and North Texas areas.


What should be worn for Massage Therapy sessions?

Massage can be performed through almost any type of clothing. You may wear whatever is most comfortable to you; however, shorts and a t-shirt typically work best.


What should be worn for Aquatic Therapy sessions?

This will depend on the temperature of the pool and the comfort of the client. A swimsuit or wetsuit work best. Goggles are not necessary. Please wear sunscreen at all times.


Is any special equipment needed for Massage Therapy?

No. Massage can take place on a mat on the floor, in a bed or hospital bed, in a wheelchair, or on a massage table that your therapist will bring as needed.


Does a parent or guardian need to be present during Massage Therapy?

Yes. A parent, guardian, or nurse must be present during the massage session if the recipient is 16 years of age or younger.


How are your services priced?

Please call us at (512) 444-2288 for a personalized quote, or visit our Pricing page to send us a request for more information.

HCT treatment plans are designed to work within your budget as well as your wellness goals; we offer reasonable service rates and flexible payment options for all therapies.

We accept Visa or MasterCard for private pay clients and we work with Medicaid Waiver Programs in the State of Texas.


What if we need to cancel or reschedule a session?

Please contact your therapist as soon as possible to cancel and/or reschedule your session.