Our Team

Christopher Allan, CEO & Founder


Chris has always seen wellness as something to be practiced, a lifelong journey with no conclusion. Massage Therapy is a natural fit with this perspective, as many of its most rewarding benefits are achieved over time, through consistency, and with a focus on keeping the body balanced and united with the mind and spirit. Chris has spent the past 15 years helping his clients work steadily toward their personal wellness goals through therapeutic massage.


Since becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2001, Chris has found that the benefits of massage can be both subtle and profound, physical and emotional, immediate and gradual. Early on, he felt most rewarded by working with individuals experiencing a wide range of physical and/or cognitive challenges. It was during this time that Chris was able to experience the direct impact of positive touch on his clients’ well-being, and recognize his role in his clients’ empowerment. His notions of how focused, healing touch can benefit an individual led him to seek to expand the breadth and knowledge of his services, and make these forms of therapy more readily accessible. This would evolve into the foundation of Health Care Therapies’ mission statement.


In 2005, Health Care Therapies was established as a means of delivering top-tier, customized therapy to more people who needed positive touch in their lives. As the demand for Massage Therapy and other alternative treatments increased in Central Texas, Chris explored related modalities that were improving quality of life for differently-abled individuals. In time, Aquatic Therapy, Music Therapy, and Recreational Therapy were integrated into the organization’s service offerings.


Under Chris’s leadership, the HCT team has steadily broadened its reach to include a diverse community of clients. It remains Chris’s personal mission, and that of HCT, to support and advocate for all individuals and families living with special needs and disabilities. But as an avid outdoorsman and father, Chris also knows first-hand the extraordinary benefits that well-planned medical massage can bring to people of all ages and levels of ability, who are seeking support for injury, surgery, aging, or athletic performance. Following the needs of the community and an ingrained philosophy of inclusion, HCT is now helping more Texans identify and attain their personal wellness goals through therapy.


Chris continues to provide direct treatment to his long-time clients while working to expand the populations and services covered by Health Care Therapies. When not studying medical journals or leading educational endeavors for the community, Chris enjoys spending time outside with his son, performing and recording music, and advocating for increased accessibility for those experiencing physical and/or cognitive differences.



Christopher Allan, CEO & Founder